The Congolese customer has recently made a large purchase of 840 tons of steel rebar from the Hongtai Steel Factory, marking the start of a new and promising chapter in their friendly cooperation.For years, Hongtai Steel Factory has been providing high-quality steel products to customers all around
2023/05/17 15:50
The customer from Suriname purchased 300 tons of rebar, indicating a growing demand for construction materials in the country. Suriname has been experiencing a boom in infrastructure development, with several large-scale construction projects underway. This has led to an increased need for quality
2023/05/17 15:41
Customers from Colombia bought 500 tons of colored rolls from a leading color coating manufacturer, Hongtai steel manufacture Let's delve into the details of this remarkable transaction.Hongtai steel manufacture is a world-renowned manufacturer of color-coated steel products. The company
2023/05/17 15:29